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Sitar Session Work

I am available for sound recording sessions on sitar and can be flexible with tuning and technique according to your style of music.

Using live sitar as opposed to fixed samples, will sound more authentic, and can be customised to your ideas and preferences. I can also improvise or compose if requested.

Session work : 75.00 per hour plus travel expenses.

Please click track links for six examples of the various sitar styles I play:

Yaman.mp3 (sitar-Garima, tabla-Steve Morley)

Bhopali.mp3 (sitar-Garima, tabla-Steve Morley)

Out of the clouds.mp3 (written by Indigo Eye)

Hare Hare.mp3 (written by Steven Cragg)

Freefall.mp3 (written by Indigo Eye)

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