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Sitar Tuition
An introduction to sitar (one to one lessons)
For beginners who would like lessons but do not have an instrument, there is a second sitar available for students. The first class will involve tuning both sets of strings, spacing the frets correctly and teaching the student to tune to a raga. It may involve restringing the sitar which can be an involved process that is best learnt by participating.

Learning to play
Although the sitar is known to be a complex and sophisticated instrument to play, it is possible to produce some beautiful and authentic sounds with some dedication and practice.

Getting started will involve:
    * Sitting correctly for optimum comfort
    * Learning an Indian scale which will dictate the notes played in a particular raga or mode
    * Establishing the cyclic time patterns
    * Learning melodies within the time structure
    * Developing the raga
    * Learning about improvisation
lesson (1hr): 40.00
Email: garima@sitarplayer.co.uk / Tel: 01273 875131/07816617387
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